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Are you looking for the best side dishes that you can make and eat together with your main dish? Are you cooking a vegetarian dinner for yourself or your friends and you need some inspiration for some yummy but easy side dishes? Then you are searching in the right place!

I invite you to browse through my collection of vegan and vegetarian side dish recipes. You can use them for your vegetarian dinner ideas, but these can also be made by anyone, regardless of their eating habits. All my recipes are easy, quick, healthy and delicious. And best of all? They’re also budget-friendly, too! Some of these vegan and vegetarian side dish recipes are also macrobiotic, diet-friendly, low fat, gluten-free and raw vegan.

Some of the healthy side dishes that you will find in this section of my blog are: potato side dishes, polentas, beans and legumes recipes, pasta side dishes, rice side dishes, Easter side dishes, BBQ side dishes and more! If you’re a fan of risotto, baked potatoes, sweet potatoes or roasted veggies, then I’m sure you’ll love all these side dish recipes! You should note that these are some of my best vegetarian recipes for side dishes, but you will also find a lot of vegan options, too. Of course, if you’re suffering from the celiac disease or you have a gluten sensitivity, you will also find here lots of great gluten-free recipes that you can serve as side dishes!

As a new addition, I also created some vegan side dishes from different international cuisines such as Italian, Romanian, Spanish, French, Middle Eastern, French and more!

Feel free to try these vegetarian side dishes and don’t forget to experiment. Enjoy!