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Are you looking to upgrade your homemade soup game? Do you wonder which is the best recipe out there that will teach you how to make vegetable soup? Or you simply want to add some healthy soup recipes to your meals?

In this section of my blog you can browse through a collection of vegan and vegetarian soup recipes. As you already know, all these healthy soups are easy, budget-friendly, delicious and they won’t make you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. If you’re following a certain special diet, you should note that you can find here some vegetarian and vegan soup recipes that are also macrobiotic, diet-friendly, low fat, gluten-free and raw vegan. You can also twist these recipes or change certain ingredients in order to fit your diet requirements or personal preferences. Basically, you’ll find here some of my best vegetarian recipes for soups that will fit each and every taste. In case you’re up for a challenge, you should note that you can find here ethnic soup recipes from various international cuisines such as Middle Eastern, Italian, French, Spanish etc and all of them are either vegan or vegetarian.

Some of the vegan and healthy vegetarian recipes for soups that you can find here include: cream soups, clear veggie soups, homemade vegetable soup, spinach soup, minestrone soup recipe, onion soup, mushroom soup, hangover soup and many more! Most of these veggie soup recipes are ready in less than half an hour. You won’t even believe how easy to make and versatile soups are! You can even take them with you as a healthy and filling lunch if you store them in mason jars.

I hope you will enjoy these recipes, regardless if you’re looking for a vegetarian soup or a vegan soup! Happy cooking!