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The main purpose of my blog is to make it easier for you to find new vegetarian food ideas and to cook yummy and easy vegetarian recipes! This will help you create a better diet and lifestyle for yourself and will hopefully make you feel better by incorporating more healthy vegetarian dishes into your daily meals!

Here you’ll find lots of vegetarian dinner ideas, lunch recipes and many other meatless meals and even smoothies and beverages that are perfect for any occasion or time of the day. All these vegetarian recipes are categorized in order to make it easier for you to find the recipes you need. You can even choose your favorite ones and easily create the perfect vegetarian meal plan for you and your family!

Besides all the healthy vegetarian recipes that are waiting for you here, you’ll also find vegan, macrobiotic, gluten-free and raw vegan recipes, as well as other specialty diets recipes such as low fat, low calorie, diet-friendly, sugar-free and more! I’m sure you’ll find here something for every taste and craving.

As a new addition, I started exploring the different ethnic cuisines of the world in my quest of ‘veganizing’ popular traditional dishes we all love. So you can expect to also find here recipes from the French cuisine but also Italian, Middle Eastern, Spanish and a lot more! From vegan risotto and pasta to delicious patatas bravas, be sure to take a look through these ethnic recipes and see if you can find your favorite one!

If you browse through these recipes I’m sure you’ll find the answer to many of your questions such as where to get healthy vegetarian protein or how can you cook quick dinner recipes that are both yummy and budget-friendly?

I always try to create the best vegetarian recipes for my readers and that’s why I hope you’ll enjoy this section of my blog!